Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Injuries.

Guess what? I’m injury free!!! You already know (if you’ve read previous blogs) that I’ve had back injuries, which I’ve overcome by doing lot’s of yoga for several years. These include Scoliosis and APT. But, I’ve also had a hamstring injury. It has been bothering me for one year give or take. It has been nearly healed, only to re-injure over and over again. I … Continue reading Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Injuries.

Why I Became A Yoga Fashion Ambassador

My dream when I was a little girl, was actually not to be a yoga teacher. Yoga was too new in Norway and not a part of my reality yet. When I started hearing about it, it was just a strange word, and only middle aged women where practicing it. It was not something I was attracted to until I randomly happened to be at … Continue reading Why I Became A Yoga Fashion Ambassador

On Intentions, Dedication and Collective Energy

I love yoga so much, but I sometimes find it hard to know exactly what my intention is for doing yoga. I found out though, that yoga for me primarily is a way to take care of my body. I love yoga, also for what it does for my mind, but this is a bonus. I care a lot about my body, and love the … Continue reading On Intentions, Dedication and Collective Energy

How yoga changed my diet

Today’s blog post is about yoga and diet. Primarily vegetarian diet or vegan diet. Many people who practice yoga stop eating meat and maybe also dairy after som time. For some people, it may simply be because of the yoga culture. Or it may be out of compassion for the earth or the animals. There are a lot of reasons why anyone would stop eating … Continue reading How yoga changed my diet

Stepping back from my practice.

People who have read my earlier blogs, or know me in person, know that one of my passions is the Ashtanga Yoga System. I looove the Ashtanga practice. My Ashtanga journey anyways, has been one of frustration. I didn’t get anywhere with my back stiffness and my hamstring would get worse each time I practiced. I realized I had to take a break from the … Continue reading Stepping back from my practice.

How I Overcame Lower Back Pain Completely

Today, I wanted to share the story of how I overcame my lower back pain. About eleven years ago, when I was fifteen years old, I would experience pain in the lumbar spine even from laying on my stomach reading a book. I couldn’t walk for long on concrete without having to sit down and rest my back, even if I was wearing good shoes. … Continue reading How I Overcame Lower Back Pain Completely

A short sequence for a healthy back

We all have different bodies, different needs, different issues and different yoga practices that suits us. Anyways there are some asanas that are super healthy for almost any back, and any back issue. I will present a short sequence that includes hip stability, core activation and release for the lower back. I hope you like it! Enjoy 🙂 Cat cow. Do the movements like shown … Continue reading A short sequence for a healthy back