Advice For Spring And New Moon Energy

Spring is here! We all love spring. I don’t think anyone doesn’t love spring. Spring is joyful, spring brings hope and assurance. It is lighter, it is warmer. We all like to get out more. Get some sun on our skin.

When it’s springtime, it feels like the nature is renewing itself. It is cleaning up the rest of the negativity from the last year, and a new cycle begins. You know you get affected by the spring energy when you feel like clearing up space in your apartment. Get rid of old stuff. Cleaning everything a bit more meticulously than usual.


It is also the time for planting new seeds. Both gardening wise, but also in all other projects you may have been thinking about starting, whether you are upgrading your home, starting a new business, or a new creative project. Now is the time! Take advantage of the spring energy and get going!

With all the newness of spring, my little secret is to also take better care of myself. It is easy to get too enthusiastic and start too many new things only to not get anything finished and get burned out. Please do take some breaks in between. Take care of yourself. Get yourself some nurturing. Let your body get ready for the energy that is here, and to integrate all that is going on. I like to give myself a little renewal at this time. I like to get my hair done, go through my make up and see if I want anything new. Buy some new skin products to nurture my body. I always use completely natural skin care and hair care products (except when I color or bleach my hair). I don’t like to put anything synthetic on my skin. Fortunately, it is easy and not so expensive to find good products. Using completely natural skin care and haircare, is also good for Mother Earth.

If you feel really out of balance, I advice you to check out my last blog : Easter Blog: A Blog On Transformations for some ideas on how to balance your body with yin yoga.

On Monday 16/04 it is the new moon of April, in the sign of Aries. On new moons, it is the perfect time to set new intentions. Then the new moon, will take the intention with it into full moon. It will help the intention to manifest so to speak. A good tip is to take your new spring projects and set an intention for them on the new moon. Imagine you give them to the moon and let the moon help you with them. New moon in Aries is the beginning of a new cycle and the beginning of a new astrological year. And so you can set intentions for a new year.



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