Easter Blog: A Blog On Transformations

This month has been amazing for me so far. It has been a month of transformation, healing, celebration and friendship. There has been so much fun, so many surprises and really positive life changes. March is the month that I was born, and so of course a lot of happiness, fun and coming together with family and friends comes along with my celebration. I love birthdays so much. My own as well as other peoples birthdays. I think that everyone deserves to celebrate and feel awesome on their birthdays. I feel awesome for many days before and after my birthday, as I get happy just by the thought that my birthday is just around the corner. I get excited and happy. I love presents, both giving and receiving, and I love celebrations.

Three days before my birthday, I got the most excited news that I could ever expect. I made a call to one of my best friends, because she was planning to come to visit in easter time. But, she now told me that she had decided that instead of visiting, she wanted to move here! She moved one day before my birthday, and we are almost neighbors!  On my birthday, I celebrated with my family, and in the weekend, I celebrated with my friends. Now that it’s easter, my sister and one more of my best friends are coming to visit. We are going to have so much fun!
As you can tell, this month has been one of positive expectations and surprises. A lot of changes and transformations. Things are starting to get better in my business and finances. And I  have a lot of fun to look forward to later this year (and I love to have something to look forward to). On the spiritual level, there has been so much growth. I have been practicing shadow work for many years, which has helped me to heal a lot both emotionally and physically. Shadow work simply means to work on you shadows or traumas. It is a collective name of all techniques you can do to heal emotionally. Three days ago, I learned a new meditation that is so efficient in releasing inner trauma. I have done it only two times, and it is truly life changing for me. It is easier than any practice I have done till now, because I don’t have to spend time finding the root causes for the shadows. Instead the shadows arise and release by them selves, and I trust that whatever comes up, is what needs to be released.

I have also healed a lot in my relations, but I won’t go into detail as this involves other people.

As a fire person, I lit up easily. I love exciting news and surprises, all that this month has been for me. I also love that spring is here (big time!). I love that the days are getting so much lighter now. All these  excitement and changes both spiritually, socially, physically, and in the seasons, however, no matter how fun it is and how much I enjoy it, really makes me tired. I need some time on my own right now, to relax and restore my body. My body needs some time to adapt to everything that is happening both internally and externally. This is something to think about for you as well. How is your body coping with the season change? Maybe you also feel like you need to rest? Take some time of now that it is soon easter vacation, and do something for yourself to recharge your batteries. Happy easter!

Here is a couple of yin yoga stretches that are awesome to help the body adapt to spring (of course, if you have never practiced yin yoga before, it is good to practice with a teacher first so that you know what to do. Don’t push beyond your limits. Consult an expert if you have any injuries or resent operations that needs to be taken into account. I won’t take any responsibility for your actions). 



These three poses are linked with the wood element in Chinese Medicine, and the wood element is connected to spring. Dragonfly, Frog and Shoelace with a side bend. 


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