Why You Should Find The Hidden Reason For Your Ailment

Do you have any injuries or diseases or ailments that never seem to heal? Like so many other people, I too, have my «trouble areas» that just never really solve. Chronic diseases are some examples of issues that western medicine is terrible at healing. So instead of actually dealing with the problem, we just medicate. This again might leave us with other symptoms, other ailments, or maybe if we’re lucky, we can actually live with this solution. For many people though, this is not good enough. Maybe the medication isn’t good enough, maybe it’s not right for your body, maybe you don’t even like to medicate. So what should we do instead?

All things that manifest, have once been thoughts or emotions, which both are energy.  That includes the things that are happening in your body. The body is a super reflector of what is going on within you. So that is the first question to ask yourself. What is actually going on? How do you feel? How do you feel about your injury or ailment? And how did you feel when it started? What was going on in your life at that time? You can also see if you find some answers by asking “What is this trying to teach me?” Often the questions can have super logical answers. But it might be hard to see the answer anyways, because we have to get out of our usual thinking patterns. So what is really helpful, is to get in a meditative state first, and then ask. That way you will get more unbiased answers.


Often ailments relate to each other and are linked in a sort of negative energy pattern within. F ex you might have issues with your back. The back is related to support. Then maybe you get a disease so that you cant work. You have to take a break and nurture yourself, maybe you’re so sick that you need help from someone else. This way you have manifested a way to get support from others by getting a disease. This is a hypothetical  example, but I hope you get what I’m saying.

To summurize: 1: If you don’t solve the underlying issues, the ailments won’t heal. 2: If you don’t find a way to heal consciously, you will find a way unconsciously.

It might seem very cruel how the unconscious works. I am not saying you should blame yourself for all the things that are happening to you. That would indeed be cruel. We live in a society that are unnatural, and finding a healthy way to live while having full time jobs, kids, and tons of expectations to live up to is super hard. We can’t change what has happened in the past, and we can’t change the society (not tomorrow I mean), so even though we do manifest bad things as well as good ones, please don’t judge yourself for it. Get the power back by looking inwards instead of outwards. Good luck ❤

That’s it for this month. Like if you did, comment and subscribe. And if you have anything you would like me to talk about, please send me a message.

Disclaimer: If you do any changes to your medication, please consult with your doctor. Finding answers within does not guarantee that you heal immediately or even at all. Healing is a long process and has more steps to it than one. 



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