Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Injuries.

Guess what? I’m injury free!!! You already know (if you’ve read previous blogs) that I’ve had back injuries, which I’ve overcome by doing lot’s of yoga for several years. These include Scoliosis and APT. But, I’ve also had a hamstring injury. It has been bothering me for one year give or take. It has been nearly healed, only to re-injure over and over again. I stopped doing Ashtanga Yoga for a long time, because it was to hard on my hamstring. I felt worse everytime I practiced, so even though I wanted to practice, I had to take a break (See my blog titled « Stepping back from my practice» to read more). All though I took a break, my hamstring still didn’t heal completely. I felt stuck in my practice. Then I noticed that I was actually scared of stretching. I didn’t come any further because I didn’t let my self go any further. I stopped at the same point everytime. And so I decided to face the fear of the injury and stretch just a little bit more than I usually did. I gave my hamstring a good stretch. The next coming days I continued to stretch but also let the muscle relax when I felt it needed to. After a couple of months, I noticed there was no pain left. And I made the decision to continue my Ashtanga practice. I fun side note: When I first started doing Ashtanga again, I practiced in the evening, after a while this led to me not being able to sleep at night because I had too much energy! More on yoga an sleeping patterns in the next blog.


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