On Intentions, Dedication and Collective Energy

I love yoga so much, but I sometimes find it hard to know exactly what my intention is for doing yoga. I found out though, that yoga for me primarily is a way to take care of my body. I love yoga, also for what it does for my mind, but this is a bonus. I care a lot about my body, and love the feeling of openness and spaciousness in my body. I love to feel that the energy is flowing, like yoga makes it do. I love to feel the difference in my body after I’ve practiced yoga.

I also love working with yoga, sharing my passion with who ever wants to learn from me. I enjoy so much to see people do yoga and feel the energies shifting during class. In meditation or Shavasana, I love to feel the collective energy in the room. Sometimes people are in there heads, stressed out, feeling like they have to come to class. It’s harder to get them to let go, because there intention was out of alignment to begin with. This is rare though. Most commonly, people come to yoga because they love doing it. Even on warm summer days in Norway, people come to yoga. Sometimes, people get so relaxed during class, that you wouldn’t want to wake them up from Shavasana. It’s so lovely to feel the whole room in union become completely relaxed.

I think it’s very beneficial to be honest about your intentions for doing what you do, whatever you’re doing. For yoga practitioners, it can make your practice even better and lead you faster towards your goals if you are clear on what they are. Some people also like to set a bigger intention, dedicating there practice to something or someone else. I don’t do this myself, because, to be honest I feel like it gives me more clutter in my mind. It wouldn’t come from my heart. But if i felt (keyword: feel) that I want to dedicate my practice, then I would do so. Do you set intentions for your practice? Do you like to dedicate your practice to something or someone?


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