How yoga changed my diet

Today’s blog post is about yoga and diet. Primarily vegetarian diet or vegan diet. Many people who practice yoga stop eating meat and maybe also dairy after som time. For some people, it may simply be because of the yoga culture. Or it may be out of compassion for the earth or the animals. There are a lot of reasons why anyone would stop eating animalistic foods. My boyfriend changed his diet because of health reasons. He simply can’t eat meat. When he eats meat, he gets sick after two days. Cheese is not so good with him either, but becoming a vegan is a step farther into the future for him.

I have been a vegetarian for like two and a half years. During this time, I have tried once to be completely vegan. It lasted for a month before I felt like I needed some dairy protein again. I’ve practiced yoga for quite some time, and it led me to be more in tune with my body, getting more sensitive energetically and physically. After some years, I felt aversion towards meat. I didn’t want to eat it anymore. Some time after quitting meat, I got even more sensitive, and started to feel aversion towards dairy as well. This is when I became a vegan for the first time. Being vegan in Norway is not so easy though. I felt like food was becoming a struggle. I slowly became more and more sloppy with my veganism, until I simply couldn’t call my self a vegan anymore. I did not however, enjoy dairy products. I would feel ambivalent to the food I ate. It came to a point where I decided to stop eating dairy for the second time. That was two days ago! Yesterday, when my boyfreind ask me out for dinner, I enjoyed a super boring meal with no sauce, butter or dip. But I enjoyed feeling healthy, and I’m happy in my heart ❤

Leave a comment and tell me about your experience with yoga and diet 🙂

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