Stepping back from my practice.

People who have read my earlier blogs, or know me in person, know that one of my passions is the Ashtanga Yoga System. I looove the Ashtanga practice. My Ashtanga journey anyways, has been one of frustration. I didn’t get anywhere with my back stiffness and my hamstring would get worse each time I practiced. I realized I had to take a break from the lovely Ashtanga system. It was hard to realize though. Nothing gets me centered like the Ashtanga Asana practice. I think it’s the most lovely yoga practice. When you focus your mind intensely and open your body through all the many asanas I feel open and clear in my mind and body. An experience I don’t get from any other yoga practice.

«Practice, practice and all is coming».  I think you’ve heard the saying. Ashtanga is all about commitment and consistency. Consistency with all those forwardbendings when you’re injured anyways, is nothing but a really bad idea. And it made me feel like Ashtanga wasn’t for me. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I practiced less and less. I got less and less motivated and started doing other practices to heal my body. I found that functional strength exercises and mobility exercises was really good for my body. I experienced a lot of progression fast. After some few weeks, I started to feel like the exercise didn’t give me as much anymore. Maybe soon Ashtanga practice is the next logical step?

In some way, I still practice Ashtanga because I’m practicing Sthira and Sukham. Ease and steadiness. Ashtanga asana does not feel easy and steady when you have an anterior pelvic tilt along with a torn hamstring. Sthira and Sukham to me, ment to take a step back and collect the missing pieces. Finding steadiness in more basic movements before progressing with ease. When I feel that I can progress with ease, I will start doing Ashtanga Asana again.


What are your thoughts on Sthira and Sukham? Do you have any experiences with healing injuries?

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