Tips for stretching your hamstrings mindfully.

I’ve had a hamstring injury that has lasted for so long it’s embarrassing. I’ve been so eager to practice that I’ve kind of neglected my hamstring and thus it has taken me forever to heal it. But, since I moved to Arendal, I decided to take the effort to be mindful of my hamstring and change my practice for a while. It didn’t take so long before I could stretch my hamstring again without pain, but I still have to be a bit careful when I practice Vinyasa or Ashtanga like yoga. I encourage everyone who has an injury to just let it heal and put your routines to the side for some time. It’ so worth it. And even though you might be impatient, like I was, it’s so much faster to just let it heal anyways. You won’t get more flexible until you do. Here’s some ways for you to stretch hamstrings carefully:

  1. Bend your knees so that your stomach touches your thighs. This is a functional way to stretch that is beneficial whether you have an injury or not.
  2. Don’t flex your foot. Make barbie feet instead. When your ready to go deeper, you can place your hands under the balls of your feet and push into your hands while keeping your shoulders back.
  3. Tuck your tailbone. This, together with making barbie feet, shortens the hamstring a bit so that the stretch doesn’t get as an intense stretch.

Floint-Foot_FotorSo there you have it. Of course if you have an injury, there’s a lot of other things you should do to heal first. This is a safe way to stretch when your ready to start stretching again.


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