Personal update: A yogi in Arendal

Woho! I’m now officially a yogi in Arendal. I recently moved from Oslo where I’ve been living for the last five or so years. I was more than ready to move. I didn’t like to live in Oslo, and I didn’t like my apartment as it was super drafty and that combined with Norwegian winters was just not my style.

Moving is one of the things that makes me believe in LOA more than anything. I ALWAYS get EXACTLY the apartment I want. No matter how far fetched my dreams are! When I lived in Oslo, I dreamed of a lot of space, the feeling of luxury and practicality, a spare room to use as a yoga shala, a nice bathroom with a bathtub, my boyfriend especially wanted a nice kitchen with lots of space to cook. We got it all, with the perfect location and also super underpriced. A lot cheaper than in Oslo. The apartment is perfect for us!

During the period of moving, applying for jobs and all that stuff, I got a bit stressed out, and although I wanted to blog, I just left it out. I needed no more things to think about, so I just let that go. But now I’m back! Yeaaayyys 😀 And I have some photos for you guys. Here’s my yoga shala.

IMG_0001.jpg   IMG_0040.jpg

I love spiritual devices such as crystals, incense and pictures or statues of Gods or Buddha. I keep them all around my apartment and in the window frame of my shala.

IMG_0024.jpg   IMG_0004.jpg

This is Arendal today: it is literally snowing sideways here. To the right is Arendal in the summer. Just so you can see what it usually looks like here.

img_0011   Arendal_Tyholmen_a_Fotor.jpg

I figured it would be a lot easier to do my yoga practice when I had a nice place to practice, and I most certainly was right about that. It is so nice to go to my shala to practice. Thus it is more easy for me to keep my daily Ashtanga practice.

Since I now have my private yoga space, I thought of doing private yoga classes. Any thoughts on teaching yoga one on one?


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