Choosing my spiritual practice and committing to it.

Like any person on the planet, I’ve had my share of pain and suffering. As only suffering can do, It made me wish for a really great life, liberated from the struggle of everyday life. I wanted to have fun, to be happy and feel loved and supported. It directed me on the path of my life towards these desires, and it also made me attach to them.

I think that life is a spiritual practice in and of itself. You will learn and grow, suffer and heal. Anyways, there are spiritual practices you can commit to, to deliberately heal and liberate yourself. I think that if you have set the intention to transcend or wake up, or whatever you like to call it, your spiritual practice will actually come to you. The spiritual practice that came to me, was Yoga.

When I was fifteen, I made my first meeting with Yoga. I was in ninth grade, and as my school was very small and didn’t have any gym, one of the teachers who was a Pilates and Yoga instructor, invited us to the training center to offer us a mixed class of Yoga and Pilates. It resonated me on a very deep level, and I immediately started to attend all the yoga classes offered at the senter. I’ve been practicing yoga ever

After many years of more or less committed practice, I decided I wanted to find my style of yoga. And some time after that, I crossed paths with Ashtanga.

To begin with, I did not commit fully to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, I was just using it as my exercise routine. Then as time went on and I learned more, I decided to commit to daily morning practice. Easier said than done, I discvered how much more Ashtanga Yoga acquired of me than other styles of yoga. Disappointed with myself, I continued my practice on and off and also combined it with specific routines for back issues. I thought of my back issues as the one thing I had to heal to be good at Ashtanga, as most of the postures I didn’t manage was due to my lack of flexibility in the posterior myofascial chain and in the psoas muscles. I was progressing in all areas that were not related to my issues.

Healing my physical blockages, so to speak, was hard, but doable. Along the way, I’ve learned about ways to stretch and how emotional healing is related to physical injuries. I basically learned how to heal and so I did. Then what? My «problem» was solved, but I was not good at Ashtanga. I again decided to commit.

As I’ve learned from Kino MacGregors book «Ashtanga II» (book review is coming), stepping onto your mat everyday, doing at least something is better that not doing anything. Making a commitment is crucial to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Once your on your mat doing sun salutations, chances are you’ll continue to practice a little longer

I find that whenever I’ve practiced Ashtanga Yoga, my mind is more clear, my body more open and my nervous system more calm. Sometimes during practice I get insights about something I’ve been thinking about. Sometimes it makes me high, especially if I practice at home. It lifts my mood, raises my confidence and serves as a great way to start the day. To me, Ashtanga Yoga is a stable and reliable spiritual path.

Ashtanga Yoga acquires a lot of mental strength, focus and consistency. I’m convinced it will make you into the superman version of yourself if you manage to commit to the practice. You have to face laziness, discomfort, soreness and pains, fears, mental struggles and so on if you’re going to persevere your practice. I highly recommend anyone who wants to practice Ashtanga to go ahead. Seek out help, inspiration or knowledge if you need to.

What’s your experiences with committing to yoga? Leave a comment 🙂


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