Bhujapidasana… Ten years of practice and then finally…

Yes, I have practiced yoga for ten years. I started when I was about fifteen years old, but because of the back issues and imbalances that I had in my body, it was very hard for me to get flexible. Yoga Asana (poses) does require a lot of flexibility, and so, it took me a long time to accomplish many of the poses. My nemesis has for many years been Bhujapidasana. But yesterday, I finally got my feet off the ground! This is such a big accomplishment for me, and has been a goal for me for a long time, and now I’m super happy! I feel like it is actually possible to reach my goals no matter where you start from. Today, I’ll share with you what I did differently when I finally got my feet off the floor in Bhujapidasana. It’s a little something to be aware of that not so many teachers talk about: your hands.

Bhujapidasana is kind of the peak pose of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. It acquires a lot of strength and flexibility. As you see in the picture above, you are balancing on your hands and flexing your hips so that the backside of your knees goes almost on top of your shoulders. If you are practicing this pose, and feel like you are both strong and flexible enough to lift your feet, but still it doesn’t work, try to first stretch your wrist muscles to prepare your wrist, then when you place your hands, place them with a little angle outwards (you can measure by letting your index fingers point straight forward). It will make it a little easier to bend your elbows and lift your feet. Good luck with your Bujhapidasanas!


I just need to say that you always have the responsibility for your own body and your own practice. Do what feels good and safe to your body, and you will most likely not injure. Don’t get over excited, because that can lead to injuring. I won’t take any responsibility for any injuries of people who read this blog. The full responsibility is always on the practitioner. That being said, yoga will help you over time to get more sensitive and it will become easier and easier to listen to your body. And remember that injuries are also teachers ❤


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